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Demystifying food: Some tips from my workshop

Last Saturday I ran a small-group workshop on demystifying food. Answering questions The all-important afternoon tea made by yours truly I had a tonne of fun, and I could tell that the participants did too, given the number of awesome questions asked and examples shared. I talked about the need for become choosy with our…

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Balinese-style satay sauce

Balinese-style peanut sauce

A few weeks ago, I stayed at the Satyananda Yoga Ashram for 3 days. The life at an ashram is simple and community-based, with 4 hours of karma yoga — a selfless service of doing set tasks {e.g. cleaning, washing, gardening, cooking etc} around the ashram, daily. What I particularly loved about the ashram was the wholesome food. We had…

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low tox products

How to choose low tox cosmetic, skincare & cleaning products

In a recent post, a reader commented: It’s not foods alone. I have recently realized that my wife’s hygiene and makeup products are affecting both of our brains, which is causing poor sleep, brain fogginess, lower body temperatures and low energy. I have to do something about this situation, which means finding safe substitutions.

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Food & Money

Some people say they can’t afford to eat real, wholesome food. In the developed world, however, I’d say that for many of us this dilemma has more to do with our money spending habits, and losing sight of our priorities {which is easily done when we’re bombarded with millions of marketing messages daily, selling us…

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Answering 2 sugar-related questions — on stevia & sugar-spikes

Photo credit Kate, a subscriber, has asked me about my thoughts on stevia, so here they are: There’s much in the media about giving up the white stuff, and using fructose-free stevia as a ‘healthy’ substitute. But do we need to replace all sugar with stevia? That depends — on your food philosophy and why…

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When your partner doesn’t eat as healthily as you do – part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote part 1 to this post, with tips on how you can eat healthily when your partner doesn’t. Today, I’m addressing a gentleman’s concern for his wife’s eating habits. He was at a loss on how to help her change her ways. The thing is, no matter how hard we…

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Movement — what are you really giving up for the sake of convenience?

Recently, on Masterchef Australia, one of the contestants was competing against a professional chef for the elusive immunity pin. The core ingredient was cheese, so she decided to make a twice-baked soufflé.  Of course, she would need to whip up egg-whites for her dish. And upon doing so, she said something like this: I know…

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Kale chips

Photo credit When first encountering kale, one might be a bit dubious about eating it. The leaves and stems look hardy, and can be extremely dark green or purple in colour, depending on the variety. However, it’s worthwhile giving kale a try. Being part of the brassica family, it’s full of goodness. So don’t let…

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When your partner doesn’t eat as healthily as you do – part 1

Earlier in the year, I received this question from a subscriber: How can I make it easier for me to have a different food focus at mealtimes than my husband in order for me to gain better control of my own weight and health? And, late last year, this concern from a gentleman while exhibiting…

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On nourishing your soul — for a healthy relationship with food

As a society, I find we are obsessed with food — there are plenty of diets, and yet we are still overweight. This obsession with food is the cause of much stress, guilt and shame. That’s sad. Food is meant to be a source of nourishment, joy and connection. Besides the issue of secondary eating…

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